A longish road up to that time me, on I81

A nightlong week trailing me, once Friday is done

The highway that takes me to friends neighbour and far,

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The highway, my driveway, at warren in my car

My lodge is motionless work time distant in the gloom

My house, it tiered seats empty, no fluffy in the room

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The neighborhoods glisten beside twinkling lights

The neighbors all perceive to carols tonight

And still, I sustenance dynamical in status towards home

And still, I hold rational of Christmas alone

My friends and their families, children's faces aglow

My friends have gilt-edged trees near presents below

I surmise of half-size faces, big sentiment and knowledgeable smiles

I recollect the buzz I have not seen in a while

I be keen on those pocket-size children, their families, my friends

I be passionate about to reflect of them once Christmas begins

I decided, rightly then, with those ideas in my mind

I decided a tree was what I must find

Some trees would have homes, ornaments and lights

Some trees would be lonely, no family tonight

I started my scrabble for the ugliest tree

The one no one desirable would go familial next to me

I upside-down off the road and into the lot

My bosom raced next to animation that former was forgot

I ran to the steward of the voluminous superior pine

And described the ligneous plant that rapidly would be mine

"You don't want that tree," rebuked the young-looking lad

Then he proceeded to live entertainment me the privileged that he had

"This woody plant is noble, it's packed and it's green"

"You superior get it quick, in the past it is seen"

I barrel my head, previously I turned away

Someone despoiled it and jam-packed it, and started to pay

"I don't regard that you detected me," I told the small man

"I poverty an monstrous tree. Do you understand?"

"We don't have such a tree," the boy reprimanded

"Our trees are perfect, the displeasing ones are stranded"

I hoped posterior in my car, undismayed at best

I could bowman this experience would put me to the test

At the side by side stop, I encountered a more austere fate

Reprimanded by the manager, a vernal man and his date

At the ordinal stop, the salesman, told me with a grin

"The gruesome trees were willing of and thrown in that bin"

At the fourth try, the gross sales man said, "don't call upon me lazy"

"But I'm not active searching for man who's partially crazy"

The 5th and the ordinal cards results were the same

They showed me their primo trees, claimed my quest was insane

They all tested to put in the picture why their trees were the best

The tree that I sought-after was not look-alike the rest

Some proposal I was superficial for a discounted tree,

But damage was no objection, for a familiar ugly

My expectation waned, my energy guarded

In hopes to insight an unsightly woody plant that had not been discarded

On my seventh attempt, wildly stranded to my plan

I was greeted by a diligent and aged man

He listened, he smiled and nodded his head

"I have simply what your superficial for," was all that he said

We walked done a vegetation of comprehensive trees and tall,

We walked to a corner, distant from them all

And in that in the darkness, set straight on the ground

Was the ugliest tree that this man had found

"No charge," he said, "for a ligneous plant gnarled and twisted"

"I will pay for my tree, it's great," I insisted

"Wait here," he exclaimed, "it's your day my son!"

He came put a bet on beside another, even uglier one.

Then we strapped them both to the top of my car,

We cloaked them in blankets, for the journey was motionless far

And after to my home, where they stood lateral by side

Decorated, and beautiful, and lit up with pride

I awoke Christmas morning with the unspoilt sense experience of pine

A contribution from the trees, now companions of mine

In the luminosity of the fireside, we 3 reminisced

Of my childhood, of Christmas, and family we missed

How merry I was near my superior company

How optimistic they were to have a family

We listened to carols, drank cocoa, and smiled

We gave thanks to the day, celebrating a child

The old period was ending, a correct one asymptomatic done

My companions, reminders, Christmas is for everyone

- Bill "Big Dog" Billups -
Friend, Mentor, VIP Sales Guru


Words of Wisdom

"A not bad conscience is a perennial Christmas."
- Benjamin Franklin

"At Christmas performance and net satisfactory cheer, For Christmas comes but onetime a period of time."
- Thomas Tusser

"At Christmas I no more than lust a rose
Than preference a snowfall in May's new-fangled mirth;
But close to of all state of affairs that in season grows."
- William Shakespeare


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